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Offsite Management of Physical Files


With the boom in healthcare and waves of system consolidation, administrators and information-management directors face increasing volumes of physical and digital patient files and data. Kemberton offers the healthcare industry a wide range of services that help any size system meet all compliance and business requirements.


Increasing requirements for patient records, their confidentiality and accessibility are adding new challenges to healthcare systems and their managers. For administrators and health-information directors, Kemberton enables storage of and access to patient information, in order to quickly and accurately track, retrieve and deliver on demand. For information, technology and financial officers, Kemberton systems provide customized, tiered-level solutions that maintain compliance and adapt to changing requirements. For health-information managers, Kemberton protects electronic health and medical records, to help meet the full range of compliance and business requirements.

In an age in which federal incentives to migrate to digital records collide with data breaches that are costing healthcare companies an average of $2 million per incident, Kemberton is helping the industry respond, with thorough, effective solutions.